What Is Oral Sensory Seeking?

What Is Oral Sensory Seeking?

It is not uncommon to see children and adults who suffer from ASD and other intellectual challenges display oral sensory seeking behaviour.

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People with “normal” sensory processing are able to interpret their environment in a way that enables them to develop appropriate social behaviours, fine motor skills, speech and mood modulation, to name a few.

If we are inefficient at processing sensory information at a fundamental level i.e. touch, sound, smell ect. then we are required to recruit extra cognitive functions to make sense of our world and so there is less free cognitive space for more complex development.  Thus leading to speech delays and other problems.

People who displaSensory Chewy oral sensory seeking behaviour may be under sensitive to the oral stimulation that they receive from everyday life.  This can lead to inappropriate or damaging behaviour for example biting themselves or even others.  In these
situations we need to provided extra oral sensory stimulation, this can be achieved with foods that have different textures and strong tastes however the most appropriate foods are often lollies and chips which can contain colours and flavours that are undesirable as well as compromising oral health.

Chewable jewellery is a wonderful way to get around the problem of foods, snacks, and lollies whose ingredients might not be ideal. 
Our range of products give the sensory input needed while protecting health and teeth.