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Our Story

Chewy Charms (formerly trading as Playful Treasures) was born of the need to find sensory tools that looked good, worked well and that we could afford for our kids.

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We are two Australian sisters, mothers to ‘typical’ and special needs kids,  and we have been using sensory tools and going to occupational and speech therapists, for our kids, for a number of years now.  Nyleta has a degree and working experience in the Information Technology industry, thank goodness because Shelley is a biochemist and not quite as technologically inclined!  Shelley has both a scientific and inquisitive mind and a natural creativity.  We work very well together because we have different strengths, while loving the design aspect of Chewy Charms, and we are both passionate about providing affordable products for families.


Our business is family owned and run, and dedicated to developing an affordable range of products for mothers, children and families with special needs.  This is not just a business to us, it is a reflection of our values and what is important to us.  That is about our children, supporting the disability community in anyway we can and making it a bit easier for families.

Our vision for Chewy Charms is that we can provide a range of sensory jewellery and accessories that is as beautiful, as it is therapeutic.  We don’t want our kids (or anyone elses) to look like they are wearing a piece of equipment.    

Chewy Charms

Many of these items are equally useful for children with special needs and for children as they travel through a more typical development processes, so there is something for everyone in our shop!

We want as many families as possible to have access to our beautiful and affordable designs, so we are working with retailers and therapists to get our range out there, in addition to our online store.

We hope you love what we have created so far and continue to follow our journey as we and our products evolve.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question, we are always happy to help our customers.

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