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What Chew Suits You?

We are so delighted to bring an expanding range of chewable jewellery to Australian families however we understand that while it is great to have lots of choices it can be overwhelming trying to decide what chew suits you.  

To help with this we have put together some tips to guide you to the product that is most likely to fit your needs:

Chewy Charms Necklaces


Why Are You Buying the Chew?

Are you aiming to satisfy oral sensory seeking behaviour, help with concentration, refocus chewing from clothing, sooth swollen teething gums or simply bring a smile to a childs face? 

If you are buying a piece that is to simply wear and enjoy as a soft, safe, hardy addition to your childs wardrobe then go wild and choose what they love.

If you are buying something to heat or cool to sooth little gums then the chewy shapes or necklaces for mummy to wear will be the most appropriate choice.

For the sensory chewer however, there are a few other things to consider.


What is the Age and Level of Enthusiasm of the Chewer?

Chewy Charms Shapes

If you are buying for a young child you should always consider safety first, necklaces with small parts can be a choking hazard so we recommend items with pieces over 3cm for all children under 3 years of age.  For young children it is also a good idea to consider the weight of the piece, if it is too large or heavy it may be uncomfortable.   In this situation you may be better off choosing something that you can wear while your little one enjoys chewing on it or a chewy shape they can hold.

Chewy Charms Necklace

If your child is older  (as is often the case for ASD children) consider what kind of chewer they are?  Are they a voracious heavy chewer, are they a little less enthusiastic or somewhere in between.

We have organised all of our product into Heavy, Medium, Light and Combo chewer categories in the shop area.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are buying for a heavy chewer who is likely to break off any small parts that poke out you will do better with a round shape like the Biscuit, Puzzle or Teardrop pendants.  The other option is a Shirt Saver, to find out more click here.


What Does Your Chewer Like to Chew?

What are they chewing on, is it clothing, fingers, hair, toys, pencils etc? What sort of texture do they enjoy?

Chewy Charms Necklaces

The larger tougher beads and shapes may last longer and give stronger feed back when you bite down on them but is that what you need from the chew?  Smaller beads and in particular the rectangular prism beads and tube are very springy and softer than the larger shapes they provide a totally different feeling and feed back when they are chewed.

We have found (from observing our kids) that the texture, size and shape is very important.  During times of great stress smaller, springier beads they can bite down on between molars work best.  While something like a biscuit or circle they can put in thier mouth and munch on works great when playing and concentrating.

The important thing to note is buying for what they need might mean the chew needs to be replaced more often.  There is no point buying a solid hard shape that brings no relief, but lasts forever.  Chews are a cosumable product and need to be treated as such.


Do You Need to Combine Textures?

To figure out what types of beads and pendant you are after it can be helpful to start with something that has more than one size and firmness for example the Ocean Breeze.

Chewy Charms Necklaces

The rectangles are bendy and spongy, while the squares and hexes are bit firmer.  The different shaped beads can be rolled around in the mouth or pushed up between the back teeth.  Being able to roll the beads in the mouth provides tongue and cheek exercise in a way that the bigger shapes can’t.  And all the while they are releasing those calming hormones.

If you would like to ask our advice or need any help please send us an email at and we would be more than happy to help. 

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