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Challenging Chewers

A common question we get from customers is:

“What do you have for a child who chews through everything?”

For the kids who destroy even the Heavy chews, we have a few ideas. But before looking at the chew options, you need to find out why and how they are chewing. Just because they destroy everything doesn’t mean the hardest chew you can find, will help them meet their needs. And if it’s not doing what they need it to do, they won’t use the chew.

Many of us have stories of our kids throwing chews away, chewing through clasps instead of the pendant or ignoring the chew outright.

So think about what things they are drawn to. Do they chew clothing, toys, fingers or hands? Do they chew more often when they are stressed or overwhelmed? If they are looking for stress relief then they will need to be able to chew with their back molars to get the most effective soothing.  

All of these considerations impact what shape, texture and size are the best option.

We have two main strategies for you to try (and we are always working on new ideas):

  1. Hard and Chunky:

It’s the first thing people think of when faced with a child who is destroying everything in sight. We have things like the Y Shape and Circle Cross. These shapes are larger and more solid, whilst still being made from food grade silicone.

They are still going to destroy the chew, but it should take longer, while being a shape that can satisfy chewing needs.

      2. Flexible and Soft:

It might seem counter intuitive but things like fabrics can be great for a voracious and destructive chewer. Fabric can be chewed anywhere in the mouth, it is easy to manipulate, but can still provide vestibular feedback.

For this reason we have a range of loop designs. You can knot anything onto the loop you choose, which makes it very versatile, but the most popular thing to use is fabric. 

To use them, choose a fabric that your chewer likes and knot it onto the loop. The fabric can be left on the chew and put through the wash, or removed and replaced.

Have a look here to see the Chewy Loops

Challenging Chewers

Challenging Chewers

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