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Chewy Charms is two special needs mums who have been using chews for their kids for a number of years.

In addition to our own experiences, we’ve taken the advice and suggestions of speech therapists, occupational  therapists, teachers and other parents and kids when putting together our collection.  We’ve come up with designs of our own to solve problems experienced by ourselves and others and are always working on new ideas and improving what we have.

Chewy Charms

We hope you love our Chewy Charms as much as we do.


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There is a new addition to the Chewy Charms range, the Bangle sensory chew!

The Bangle Sensory Chew is a lightweight, textured design that can be worn on the wrist. It is a great option for anyone who doesn’t like necklaces and wants a chew that is convenient to access.

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